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How to Wear Your Blisslets Correctly for Maximum Effect and Comfort

Position Your Blisslets

For each arm, position the pressure bead on your P6 acupressure point, located three finger-widths below your wrist crease, right between the two tendons on the underside of your wrist. Blisslets come in two basic forms: either as elastics or as a combo with an elastic core that snaps into a decorative leather cover. In either case, the bracelets should feel snug but comfortable. Note that in the case of Blisslets with a leather cover, you do not need to wear the cover for the bracelet to be effective.

Wear a Blisslet on Each Arm

Your Blisslets come as a pair, and you should wear one bracelet on each arm in order to achieve the anti-nausea effect.

Length of Use

You can use your Blisslets as long as the condition causing your nausea persists (for example, throughout your cruise or pregnancy), and you may wear them for up to 48 continuous hours before taking a break.